Selasa, 07 April 2009

My Beloved Christian Blogger

By Sahala napitupulu.

Our national seminar within theme in front of global crisis did by Indonesia Pentacostal Church (GPI) had finished. The whole program, date March 27-29, occured at Padepokan TMII, east Jakarta. More than six hundred people, mostly the servant of God came from north Sumatera as participant. For sure, they have received insight, impression even blessing from our lord Jesus as long as seminar. Hopely, they will grew up in faith, in method and preach to their congregation as output national seminar. However, I should appreciate to rev.Pantur Silaban as conceptor national seminar and chairman of committee, include all member of committee for their hard work, so that the whole program running well. The event or news ceremonial, I’ll repot in my Tapian magazine Indonesia, Mei edition.

The last but not least, I want to say thank you to my beloved friends christian blogger that I asked for pray, especially : Nancy Dinar (south Korea), Fidda Abbot (America), Christy Wenas Krause (America), Eldy (Malaysia), Riris Ernaeni (Jakarta) even Lisa Shaw (America). Your pray make it possible. May Jesus bless you all abundantly.

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Fida Abbott mengatakan...

Hello Sahala,

You're very welcome.

Happy Easter!! I know it is late but it is better than nothing.

I hope you had wonderful Easter.

Below is a good link to be read.

Have great day.

Lori mengatakan...

I hope you had a blessed Easter also!

sahala napitupulu mengatakan...

@ madame Fida

thanks for your support and also information about web.kabarindonesia.

sahala napitupulu mengatakan...

@ madame Lori

thanks for stopping by. I hope the power of Easter make us more and more to preach His gospel to all nations. GBU.

Laston M Nainggolan mengatakan...

Saya juga melihat Seminar di TMII sebagai contoh bagi GPI untuk melakukan even2 besar bisa berjalan dengan sistematin dan terarah...
Bravo GPI

dmathholic mengatakan...

go cristian...

nice post.