Minggu, 26 April 2009

Learning Tobe Humble

By Sahala Napitupulu.

{ In my Facebook, April 18, 2009, I said : lord, please help me, I want to write to my blog about learning tobe humble, it is one of my wrestlings..in Jesus name, Amen…Nancy Dinar, my beloved friend christian blogger from south Korea, gave comment : Humility is an urge tobe humble. Yo”ve got it, Bro..}

There is a Christian blogger from Jakarta, Indonesia. He, 46 years old, worked as journalist and corrector for some popular tabloid in Jakarta. He have written a book Terima Kasih Hampir Selesai, a biography about St.K.M.Sinaga, founder Insurance Bumi Asih Jaya, with preface by Dr.S.A.E.Nababan, ex-vicar H.K.B.P. He also editor some pocket book used to missionary in Indonesia.

Truely, he isn’t handsome. Maybe ugly man. But, he has good taste of life.He loves music, cinema, reading, writing and traveling. He has dreams. One of the dreams he wants to hangout from the city of Paris to Jerusalem. If you ask him why the city of Paris ? He always said that French’s culture and their life style more excited than others countries. Therefore, he learned French language every saturday at Centre Culturel Francais (CCF) in Salemba raya, Jakarta. Listening their music and going to cinema as well.

If you ask him why the city of Jerusalem ? He always said that reading the Holy Bible more beneficial than others books. In fact, the city of Jerusalem is the center history of Jews and Christian, before and after Christ Jesus come to the world. He expected one day he will be there take a pilgrim. He knows the power of dream, by faith to God everything is possible.

Last week the man was sad but now be happy. Nobody knows what’s going on, except God and himself. Really, there is something wrong in his mind or heart. But the main point here how God loves him. God reveals his sin. Terrible sin, that is sin of arrogance !

What happened ? Last week he felt as super star ! What a capable he is ! He thought that he more intelligent than the colleagues, friends, the servants of God. He proud for every thing his achievement. From proud to proud, from arrogant to arrogant he exposed. He don’t know the power of devil have come to him. The satan smiles upon him.

Fortunately, the power of Christ Jesus sheltered him. His Words reminds him and said : “ If you put yourself above others you will be put down.But if you humble yourself, you will be honoured ( Matthew 23 : 12, the Contemporary English Version of the Bible ) “.

The man shocked. Then the second Word came again and said : “ God opposes every one who is proud but He is kind to every one who is humble. Surrender to God.Resist the devil and he will run from you ( James 4 : 6-7, CEVB ) “

The man, immediately aware for his sin, the sin of arrogance. He come to Jesus. He raise pray with tears and request forgiven. Now, God smiles upon him. And the Christian blogger right now feel rejoice and he learn tobe humble. Merci beaucoup mon Dieu. J’aime Vous.

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10 komentar:

Fida Abbott mengatakan...

That was awesome when someone recognized his arrogancy and wanted to change.


sahala napitupulu mengatakan...

Thanks alot madame Fida.

GBU 2.

Lisna Lina Simangunsong mengatakan...

Sering tanpa kita sadari kita telah melakukan dosa terselubung yaitu dosa kesombongan, ada banyak cara Tuhan untuk menegur anak2 yg di kasihiNya, saat kita jatuh dalam dosa kesombongan itu Dia tidak akan membiarkan kita sampai tergeletak asal kita peka akan suaraNya.

Setiap hari kita dilatih untuk selalu merendah kan diri kita dikakiNya...

sahala napitupulu mengatakan...

@ lisna Lina

Benar to, kita perlu peka untuk mendengarkan suaraNya dan setiap hari berlatih merendahkan diri di kakiNya..Terima kasih ya to. GBU.

Riris Ernaeni mengatakan...

ehm..nice, simple, n deep.
kerendahan hati itu mengawali kemuliaan seseorang.

Nancy mengatakan...

Humility is a proses to become more like Christ. We are born as self-centered and arrogant people, but the more mature we are the more we need to be humble.

Thank's for quoting my words, Bro...
Those words just came to my mind after reading your FB status, I even forgot it now. I think, you are a true servant of God.

Lomser mengatakan...

I believe that only the people who had been saved by Jesus Christ that the mindset have been changed by the Holy Spirit would have a deeply desire to humble themselves.

It is not easy to that, as we are too proud sometimes while we're humbling our selves. But Holy Spirit will always help.

We just keep trying to do that. God Bless.

sahala napitupulu mengatakan...

Thank you madame Riris, Nancy and pak St.L.Hutabalian..your comments lifted my spirit. GBU all.

Susanti Khosya mengatakan...

mungkin setiap hari kita dilatih yg namanya "Rendah hati" untuk bisa menjadi lebih sempurna dari hari ke hari, seperti pujian "ku mau spertiMu yesus disempurnakan slalu...dalam segala jalanku memuliakan namaMu"

Tuhan berkati

sahala napitupulu mengatakan...

@ Susanti Khosya

Menjadi orang yang rendah hati, itulah kerinduanku dan itu memang tidak mudah. Benar seperti kata Santi, sikap rendah hati itu perlu dilatih setiap hari. Thanks sahabat. JBU.