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Jesus and the Second Coming

By Sahala Napitupulu

Until today we have been waiting for Jesus will come to the world. We wait for His second coming. I believe that His promise will be done. Sooner or later, Jesus will come. But, the main question is, what are you doing while you waiting for Him ?

22 years ago when I studied Theatre in Jakarta Institute of Arts, I was introduced to Samuel Beckett’s play. Beckett was awarded the Nobel Prize in litrature in 1969. Drama Un Attendant Godot or Waiting for Godot, is one of Samuel Beckett’s very famous play and was translated more than 20 languages in the world. The original play was written by Beckett in French, between October 9,1948 and January 29, 1949. The premiere play was on January 5, 1953 n the Theatre de Babylone was directed by Roger Blin ; who also played the role of Pozzo.

I love its story, characters and scene by scene. Comical and some times sad, between dream and reality, between cry and laught some times to be one. So I’ had seen the performance Waiting for Godot at Taman Ismail Marzuki Jakarta Center of Arts several times. The story Waiting for Godot about two men, Vladimir and Estragon or called Didi and Gogo, were waiting for someone named master Godot. But who is Godot ? They don’t know him.

Once in while they were waiting for master Godot--some interpreters said that Godot come from the word "God "-- Didi and Gogo have to kill time : they played games, excirces, sing songs, make jokes and discuss the holy bible. They discussed about repentance, particularly in relation to two thieves crucified alongside Jesus. And the fact that only one of the four Gospel mentions that one of them was saved. “ We’re saved ! “ they cried on more than one occasion when they feel that Godot may be come. But until curtain of the stage closed, master Godot never come. He sent promised to them through a boy that the day after he would.

Actually we are waiting for the Lord Jesus. But Christ Jesus not same with Godot. Jesus will come, for sure. Scripture said that heaven and earth shall pass away, but His Words to be done. “ And, behold, I come quickly, and my reward is with me, to give every man accrording as his works shall be, “ said His Word in Revelation 22 : 12.

In waiting for His second coming, we must play our role in life, which is specially our role to preach the Gospel for all nations. We must teach all nations that He is the only one way, truth and life. No man come unto the Father but by Him (john.14: 6 ). Now it is time to be prepared for His second coming. But I want to remind you that many people have tried to set the date of the Second Coming and have been proven wrong by history. Even People who swore in sincerity or the Holy Spirit had told them.

Yes, we are waiting for the Lord Jesus. But the main point here is : watch youself for you don’t know when Jesus return. God bless you all.

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Kezia mengatakan...

i agree with you Sir, we must teach all nations that Jesus is the only one way, truth and life. No man come unto the Father but by Him.

Let us be a AMBASSADOR in this world before His second coming.

Jesus Bless You

sahala napitupulu mengatakan...

@ mon ami Kezia

Yes, we are the Ambassador of Christ and we witness His Love to all nations . GBU2.

Fida Abbott mengatakan...

Yes, and we should be ready for His Second coming anytime.


sahala napitupulu mengatakan...

@ madame Fida Abbot

Amen. We should be ready. JBU2.

Emilly mengatakan...

Nice written message... Thanks for your supporting and encouraging words:) God bless you... Keep it up!!!

sahala napitupulu mengatakan...

@ mademoiselle Emilly

thanks for stopping by..GBU2.

elaine @ peace for the journey mengatakan...

Preach the Word, my friend! I remember this play. My father was the head of the drama department at Asbury Seminary when they performed Beckett's work. I was a young child then, but the story lingers in my heart.

May God's strength, wisdom, and presence by your portion as you continue to speak the truth in love to those who sit under your influence. Thank you so much stopping by my blog. You are welcome here anytime.


sahala napitupulu mengatakan...

@ madame elaine

thanks so much for stopping by my blog..I hope God'blessing come down upon you.

Fida Abbott mengatakan...

Hello Sahala,

Thank you for your visit and comment.

What a surprise. I never get a great compliment from someone who said that to me.

Thank you for being a loyal friend and follower.

Your appreciation is really meaningful to me.

Nancy mengatakan...

This is the moment that every believer long for, be with Him forever...

Laston M Nainggolan mengatakan...

prepare your self

sahala napitupulu mengatakan...

@ Laston Nainggolan

Thanks. GBU.

Susanti Khosya mengatakan...

yessss, i agree, jesus is coming soon

John 9:4 (King James Version)say :

I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.

God Bless pak SN

sahala napitupulu mengatakan...

@ mon amie Susanti Kohsya

Thanks and GBU2